Queen D.

Identity for Queen D, a professional cosmetics company designed for drag queens. The brand prides itself in high quality, studio-level products custom-made for performers, however sets itself apart by researching and tending to the specific needs of male drag artists: better primers for rougher skin, more resistant foundation, concentrated pigments, stronger brushes and tools, larger containers for bigger amounts, special collections of glitter, hair pieces, etc. Since the brand belief is "Nothing is What it Appears to Be", the design style explores the world of playing cards and magic tricks. The logo itself is a "trick" since it works as an ambigram (it can be read also when turned upside down). Model & Performer: Jacqueline Vision / Jacob Goldenberg Photography & Editing: Noa Nizzani Equipment: Tami Porath Photography Studio Project made at Shenkar College of Engineering & Design under the guidance of Anna Geslev.

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