Partner Communications Company Ltd. is among the biggest mobile network and wi-fi companies in Israel. Up until February 2016 it operated under the international "Orange" brand name, however following a series of misunderstandings with Orange's CEO, it was decided that the two companies should go their separate ways. Partner hired Meta Design Zurich to re-design their entire identity, in collaboration with BBR Saatchi & Saatchi Tel Aviv. I had the great opportunity to participate in this huge 3-month project, and be a part of a team of designers from Israel, Switzerland, Italy, the USA, and Germany. The brief was very challenging yet also a wonderful learning experience. My specific responsibility was to design all of the new brand icons. I created over 120 of them throughout the project. The icon "rule" of Meta Design was to create a shape using only one line, which can not close the shape or intersect itsef, but instead doubles itself around the shape. Partner's new visual look is based on the company's motto of "making connected life as accessible as air and water", which is why all the different elements in the designs are connected with a line to each other and to the logo. The idea is to always have a "closed circuit" layout that is never cut off, or "disconnected". The aqua colour of the brand represents freshness and "flow", also like water. Work on this project was done at BBR Saatchi & Saatchi, under the supervision of Yariv Twig and Alexander Gaechter of Meta Design.

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