Babel Bar

*MORE COMING SOON* Identity for the Babel Bar, an underground pub which anyone can visit weekly and in a short time learn to talk in a new language. Every night a different language- English, Spanish or French- is "hosted"; food and drinks from that language's original country are served; and most importantly, guests are encouraged to speak with the staff and with one another exclusively in that language only. The various bar props (including the menus, the drinks, coasters, place mats, etc) are all designed with different language games on them to help the potential students learn new words in a fun and easygoing manner. Since the pub's atmosphere and community have an alternative, underground vibe, the design is inspired by the punk movement. The three host languages' visual styles are differentiated by the colours of their countries' flags, and by the mix of cultural images that build up the collages. Graduation project for Shenkar College of Engineering & Design.

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